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Customized Photo Printed Sipper Bottle (750 ml)


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  • Stand out in the crowd with your Own Photo Printed Water Bottles and Sippers which can be created Online within seconds at tohfalaya.in
  • Sippers are a must have for your workout sessions and any other occasion and Personalization with your photographs makes them more special.
  • The specifications of the Customized Water Bottles are as follows: Capacity: Available 750 ML Material.
  • Your body requires sufficient amount of water when you are exercising or playing a sport.
    Carry water to the gym or to the playground in the Nivia Radar water bottle
  • The bottle has a push-pull cap which minimizes the possibility of leakages.
    Also, since it has a narrow mouth, the chances of spillage are also negligible.
  • You can drink water conveniently from this bottle even while you are working out. All you have to do is, squeeze it.
  • This bottle is completely safe as it is made of non- toxic material which does not harm your health in anyway.
  • Delivery-4 to 5 working days
  • Payment – paytm phone pe google pay


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