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Vansheeka Thought – Create a job you don’t need to take a vacation from

 I am luckily living it, with so much of peace
With this thought the idea of CRAFTTALES came in.
Every minute spent is a joyful time and I whole heartily enjoy and love what I do .
She specialize in a complete range of make personalized products such as Exploasion Box, Scrapbook, Tuexdo card & box,  Photo Albums,
Greeting cards, Envelopes and lots more.
She take Bulk & Corporate Orders both.
Title - Crafting Magician
Ananya jain - Meri kahani

My Story

Hello there!
I’m Vansheeka, who love to create new things with a passion of art in her heart♥️ I’m sure we all remember those birthdays , important dates, weddings and what not which came our way all year round . I’ve always been searching for unique and creative gifting ideas which stands out and is perfect for the occasion ☺️ Crafttales is a blend of creativity flowing for all these years and a love for craft 

I hope you love and enjoy all our products as much as I did while curating them🌺

Thanks To Toha Laya

Tohfalaya is a platform which supports small business and encourages handmade goodies. 

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity. 
I simply love this idea of helping other brands to grow . Keep growing

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Best Handmade Gifts

Heart explosion box

Anniversary Gift

Memories Gift Truck

Birthday Gift

Mini scrapbook

Wedding Anniversary Gift

Shaker ring album

Birthday Gifts

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